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Vacation Ideas.  Browse through our extensive tour portfolio and choose the itinerary that most appeals to you. You’re welcome to use it “as is,” or change and enhance it in any way you see fit. Be creative – it’s your trip. Design it to be exactly what you want it to be. And the cost for this service is sympolic. You can get one starting at just 99 cents.

Sunnyside Travel Academy. While basic information is free and will help you immensely to plan your vacation, you can also pay a nominal fee to get access to the privileged insider’s details at Sunnyside Tours® to help you plan every aspect of your vacation. Yes, you can certainly plan an incredible trip without utilizing this service, but having an expertise of a professional, experienced and highly efficient tour operator guide you through every step can make the entire process a pleasure instead of a chore. We’re like a personal trainer, but instead of helping you transform your body, we use our expertise and experience to transform your vacation from the ordinary to the extraordinary. We’re there every step of the way giving you encouragement and guidance. And we do this because, like a personal trainer, our goal is helping you reach your goal. The charge to you is nominal, but the benefits immeasurable.

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The Shainsky Dynasty: 100 years of contributing to the  beauty, truth, balance  and harmony of the world.


In short -we are all about real tomatoes.

Have you ever tasted a real tomato? Not the kind you find at the supermarket. 

Our tours are precisely like that: designed by Dr. Joseph Shainsky, they are not just another trap, waiting for an unsuspecting customer to fall in. They are about the beauty of nature, power of knowledge, and the triumph of spirit. We would not involve ourselves in just any business, as long as it made some money. In its century-long history, The Shainsky family has created massive amounts of long-lasting beauty for the world, having positively affected over a billion lives. Our tours are not "pure entertainment"; they are "pure art". They touch your heart, warm it, 

and linger there for a long while. 

Michael Shainsky