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In short -we are all about real tomatoes.

Have you ever tasted a real tomato? Not the kind you find at the supermarket. 

Our tours are precisely like that: designed by Dr. Joseph Shainsky, they are not just another trap, waiting for an unsuspecting customer to fall in. They are about the beauty of nature, power of knowledge, and the triumph of spirit. We would not involve ourselves in just any business, as long as it made some money. In its century-long history, The Shainsky family has created massive amounts of long-lasting beauty for the world, having positively affected over a billion lives. Our tours are not "pure entertainment"; they are "pure art". They touch your heart, warm it, 

and linger there for a long while. 

Michael Shainsky



You’ve discovered the web’s premier travel resource center. It’s a place where both the “rookie” tourist and the most experienced globetrotter can find a group tour to join.

So how can we do all this? Because our more than two decades in the tour industry have given us a wealth of knowledge, garnered from countless trips to sixty-one destinations on four continents. If it’s on a map and they have a hotel, chances are we’ve been there. And now we are sharing our substantial experience with everyone with an internet connection and a desire to “see the world.”

So how do you get started? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. We offer two ways of utilizing the valuable resources of our site:

Group Tours.  Should you decide to entrust your vacation to the hands of a Pro – please join any of our expert-guided group tours on four continents, and have a blust!

So what are you waiting for? Browse through our site and join one of our super economical and beautiful group tours

The Shainsky Dynasty: 100 years of contributing to the  beauty, truth, balance  and harmony of the world.