Whant to do it yourself? Use it to build your trip step-by-step, brick-by-brick, safely, securely, nicely.

​​It will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and countless hours of research and frustration!

Why would you want to pay for the details of a tour, when you can get them free of charge on the web or from numerous printed materials? Right? 


The difference is that the Insider’s Secrets for a tour itinerary you are buying from us is a professional product, that is being used commercially, undergone improvements and finally became CLASSICS! It has a definite harmonious shape, logic and dynamics, that are hard to imitate for an informed amateur. 

Over our 20 years as a professional tour operator, we have developed an expansive network of tour guides, hotel managers and employees, restaurant, tour companies and attractions owners and managers, many of whom have become not just business associates, but friends. Thus, in addition to gaining the kind of a knowledge, that only insiders possess, you will tap into that very network.


Please ask yourself these questions:

- Do you have enough expertise and taste to create an even OK tour?

- What if you have to spend $100 on a taxi ride, just because you did not FORESEE that your greeter will NOT wait, if the  flight comes in late.

- Who will tell you which PARTICULAR room to request in a resort hotel? Or which particular tour guide to use for a city tour? 

- How about finding that secluded waterfall in the middle of the Canadian Rockies, the sight of which will make your heart skip a beat? 

- Will you know WHICH particular rest area to use on the way from Rome to Sorrento? The one with just one stall in a dirty restroom (where you still have to pay), and 48 people from a tour bus waiting in front of you, where you may get robbed, or the one that offers serene views of the bay, is clean, restroom’s free, and no criminals?

- Or which flamenco show to visit in Seville? Do you know which seats to request there?

- How about calling home from abroad? Do you know how much money we are going to save you JUST by teaching you how to make telephone calls?

- Will you know, which viewpoints are a must see, and which are not in Bryce Canyon National Park (UT)?

- Do you know on what day of the week to start your trip to the Yellowstone National Park in order to catch a (free) performance of a legendary music group?


What’s Inside TripBuilder 

how to find and book the right flight on the right AIRLINE @ the lowest fare;

how to request better seats;

how to find and book the right HOTEL at the lowest rate;         

how to request better rooms;      

hotels and restaurants, that we recommend, for different tastes and budgets;     

contact names, that will make a BIG difference!       

places to go to in the hotel’s vicinity;

safety measures;

how and where to exchange currency;

which credit cards to use;

how to call home and elsewhere;

how to prevent your credit card from being blocked;

which tour guides to use;

which city tours you need and which ones you don’t;

how to spend your leisure and evening time;

do you need a rental car?

Which museums and attractions are closed and when;

When is the season;

Which local tour operators to use;

Timing for connecting tours & activities; 

Local customs, business habits and ethics;

Which photo stops to make;

Which attractions and shows to visit;

Do you need your laptop;

How to avoid getting robbed;

Think the best guides are more expensive?

Where are the supermarkets?

Which souvenirs to buy in which cities;

Which attractions require ADVANCE reservations;

How to avoid standing in lines;

Exchange rates;

Voltage, adapters, mini bars, blinds, beds, wake up calls, porters, taxi, public transportation, water safety, gratuity, weather… and much, much more.





Build Your Trip        2 - day trip:      $50*       

                                   3 - day trip:      $60 

                                   4 - day trip:      $70

                                   5 - day trip:      $80

                                   6 - day trip:      $90

                                   7 – day trip:      $100

                                   8 - 10-day trip: $110

                                   11-day trip:        $120

                                   12-13-day trip:  $130

                                   14-day trip:       $140

                                   15+day trip:       $150


*All prices are in US Dollars.



To get the details for TripBuilder -


1. Please contact us  to let us know which vacation idea you are interested in.

We will give you a free consultation and then send all the details you need..


2. Pay according to the appropriate number of days in your vacation. 

Full payment must be made prior to receiving a consultation and/or Build Your Trip Materials. 


Cancellation Policy 

All payments are final and non-refundable.


Sunnyside Tours® cannot be held responsible for delays due to, but not limited by, road, weather, or technical conditions; for climate-geographical or any other effects on one's health; for fines by airlines or other vendors; for forgotten/lost/damaged luggage, documents, and/or airline tickets. All the information, provided by Sunnyside Tours, Inc.  is of an advisory nature, and may not be free of inconsistencies and/or be not up-to-date.

We reserve the right to change the sequence of our itineraries. 

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